Are YOU ready to PARTY!


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Paparazzi truly is THE Party that can change your life. Let’s face it, we all love to go to parties as well have fun visiting and shopping with friends. That is EXACTLY what Paparazzi is about.  Paparazzi centers around fun, friends and family! We get to have fun attending Paparazzi Parties as well as hosting the party! We get PAID to party with friends and family while looking at beautiful, unique jewelry.

Not only is Paparazzi fun but it is the perfect way to start your own business. I’m sure you have heard that many times from consultants, not just Paparazzi consultants but those from other direct sales companies. Paparazzi is the best option for many reasons. You can start your business as a part time business or side hustle, you can make it a full time income or build an EMPIRE. Since there is unlimited sales and commission potential you can build an empire and create generational wealth for you and your family. It IS possible to build your own business! It IS possible to build an EMPIRE! It IS possible to be successful! You have the potential to BE and DO anything you want and with YOUR Paparazzi business you CAN achieve it!

Aside from the fun, the parties and making money, Paparazzi can bring so much more to YOUR life. When you join Paparazzi you gain an entire family and support system that is there to help you every step of your journey. We as Elite leaders, love, encourage and support each other through everything. We recognize your potential and recognize YOU for all of your successes, whether they are small achievements or huge goals YOU accomplish! Everyone has a story and a background that has shaped them and where they are currently at in life. 

However YOUR future is unwritten and YOU hold the pen to YOUR destiny. Where you go from here is completely up to you. We are here to help you get a brand new start both professionally and personally. You can start your own business and gain new lifelong friendships with likeminded people all over the country. It is through these connections that so many people, myself included, have overcome challenges in our lives and moved forward with a bright and positive outlook on the future. Through Paparazzi you can OWN your own business, partying and having fun while securing your financial future for not only yourself but your family as well! 


Let me ask you a question…

What is your WHY?


What will motivate and push YOU over the edge and finally give you the courage to start YOUR own Paparazzi business? Your answer to this question is your WHY! Why are YOU starting your Paparazzi Business? 

I don’t know you in real life, but I know for sure that you aren’t here wanting to start your Paparazzi business JUST to pay your bills. Thats a great place to start BUT why are you REALLY starting your Paparazzi business?


Think really hard about this…


Your WHY should have a physical and emotional meaning to you.
This is your most important personal support and weapon to starting YOUR new journey! 




I want to FEEL free.
I want to wake up in the morning everyday and not have to worry about going to a job just for a paycheck, especially one that doesn’t cover all the bills. I want to be free of living paycheck to paycheck. I want to be free to work and make money ANYWHERE and ANYTIME. I know if I have jewelry I have money! 


My WHY is my schedule belonging to ME!

If I want to travel or take a vacation, then I will plan out the trip and go, because I’M the BOSS! Most importantly when I think about freedom, I think of spending time with the people that I love whenever I want! Going out to a theme park, going out for breakfast on a random weekday, or even shopping with friends at noon on a Monday while everyone else is at work!


Everyday I FEEL my WHY!

I feel what FREEDOM is and I remember what freedom is NOT, and I get up and work my business and motivate my team to work theirs! My WHY is the reason I started doing Paparazzi and why I keep working on my business every single day! You can even create a WHY statement and say it every time you feel nervous, afraid or discouraged. Try something like this,  “I’m running my business to become financially stable and debt free”. It could simply be “I am running my business because it’s fun, easy and pays for my family trips”. 


Make sure that your WHY statement means something to YOU!

Don’t worry about what other people think about you starting your Paparazzi business. Who cares what they think anyway? What does it matter to you or your business? Are they paying your bills or paying for your fun vacations with your family, NOPE! Are they putting money in your savings account or helping you pay off debt, NOPE! So other people’s opinion should NEVER stop you from starting or running your business! YOU are changing YOUR life!


How do you know if you have a good WHY? You should feel EXCITED when you think about it!

Your WHY should get you up out of bed at 7 am on lazy Saturday mornings.
Your WHY should make you turn off the TV  to go do a Facebook live or post albums when you really want to watch the next episode or movie.
Your WHY should even stop you from going to lunch with your girlfriends because you want to order the days new releases.
Your WHY will help you stay motivated with your business no matter when things are going great or a little rough and you feel like quitting. Quitting should never be an option when you consider your WHY. 
Whenever I feel nervous, anxious or I don’t feel like doing a Facebook live, house party or going to an event, I think about my WHY and get up and DO IT!
 Creating your WHY is the difference between having a successful business and not having a successful business. I challenge you to find YOUR WHY, join our team and start YOUR business. It’s YOUR time to start building your EMPIRE! Remember it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks of you or your business.This is something you are doing for yourself NOT them! Starting YOUR Paparazzi business is about YOU changing YOUR life $5 at a time! 



What’s going to push you to start your business is your WHY…


 So, once again what is your WHY!



I truly hope this helps YOU conquer YOUR fear of taking that first step and starting your own Paparazzi business
 so YOU can get PAID to PARTY!


Check out the starter kit options here.

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Check out the Join Our Team page for more about me and our amazing team. There is also a lot of great info about Paparazzi and the benefits of being a Paparazzi consultant.  

 If you have any questions about this amazing opportunity please send me an email or message me on Facebook @BigPapasBling

We CAN’T wait to see what YOU accomplish and how YOUR life is changed with YOUR new business!


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