Jewelry Care Instructions

How do you keep that bling sparkly?

The best rule is that your jewelry should be the last thing you put on before heading out and the first thing you remove when you get home. You can clean you jewelry with a soft cloth but do not submerge them in water or any liquids. It’s not recommended to use any jewelry cleaners since they may damage or discolor your jewelry. 
If you use lotion or take certain medicines you may notice a slight discoloration under your rings, however this is normal and will not hurt you or your rings. You can put clear nail polish on the underside of the rings to prevent a reaction if needed. 
For our hair accessories you can use a cool hair dryer or sticky sheet (lint roller) to remove any dust or dirt. Do not put any of the hair accessories in water. 


With just a little love and care, your jewelry should last for years!


Avoid the 5 S's

Never sleep while wearing the jewelry.
Never shower with your jewelry.
Never swim with your jewelry.
Avoid sprays such as hairspray or perfume directly on the jewelry.
Avoid excessive sweating, such as exercising, in your jewelry.